Divorce and Health Savings Accounts

Certain life events can affect your health insurance as well as your health savings account. A divorce or separation can have an impact on your Health Savings account. In fact, the most common question we receive from those going through a divorce or separation is:

“My ex-spouse claims our child as a dependent, can I reimburse that child’s eligible expenses tax free from my HSA?”

Answer: Yes

IRS guidelines allow parents to reimburse a child’s eligible expenses tax free from either parent’s HSA, regardless of who claims the children as tax dependents in any given year. 

A child of divorced or separated parents can be treated as a dependent of both parents if:

  • Child is in the custody of one or both parents for more than half the year
  • Child lives apart at all times during the last six months of the year
  • Child receives more than half of his or her support during the year from his or her parents
  • Parents are divorced or legally separated under a decree or divorce or separate maintenance
  • Parents are separated under a written separation agreement

IRS Publication  969 , page  8 states:  “For  this  purpose,  a  child  of  parents  that  are  divorced, separated,  or  living  apart  for  the  last  6  months  of  the  calendar  year  is  treated  as  the dependent  of  both  parents  whether  or  not  the  custodial  parent  releases  the  claim  to  the child's exemption.”

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