Insperity (paid) Account Features

Features include:

  • Monthly account maintenance fee
  • 1 Optum Bank debit card and 1 additional requested debit card
  • Use of debit card for point of sale purchases
  • Online fund transfers from HSA to personal account via Tango Health’s website
  • Account-holder file downloads from Tango Health's website
  • Electronic expense recording, credit card import and receipt uploading

Other Services and Fees:

Once you cease to be an eligible employee of Insperity, your relationship with Tango Health will continue automatically until you cancel your membership. If you choose to continue your membership, the monthly account management fees ($4 per month) will be automatically deducted from your HSA. If you choose to cancel your membership, your HSA will remain in place with Optum Bank and normal monthly account management fees will continue to be deducted from your HSA.


Your HSA administrator and custodial bank (Tango Health and Optum Bank respectively) will provide you with a fee schedule that outlines one-time fees associated with your account, such as set-up, service, closure or transaction fees outside of those covered by Insperity. Examples include Stop Payment or ordering additional HSA checks.

Our document of considerations for closing your account can be found here: 

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