Enrolling in the HSA and Registering on Tango Health

No later than 48 hours after you finalize enrollment in the High Deductible Health Plan, you can open your Health Savings Account at Tango Health. Tango will email you a reminder to the personal email account on file with Insperity but you do not need to wait for the email to begin registration.

We strongly recommend that you register and open your HSA prior to the start date of your coverage as your ability to immediately start payroll deductions could be impacted if you open your account late. If you have any trouble registering, please call Tango Health at 1-800-877-4727 so we can help research your account. Our hours are 7am-7pm CST Monday-Friday.

 Link to register:

or click here

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    my monthly contribution amount should be $562.5. per-pay-period pay reduction amount $281.25. Total annual goal Amount $6,750.00
    Please help me to change! Thanks!

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    Effective Date January 01 2016. Total Annual $6,750.00

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    Michael Young

    In order to change your deduction, you must login to Tango. Once you are logged into Tango, you go to "set up" and then "update payroll deduction." IN this screen, you will be able to set your deduction and submit.
    Once your payroll deduction has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation.