Employer HSA Funding and Complying with IRS HSA Contribution Limits

Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions provided from your employer count toward your personal HSA contribution limit. When contributing to your HSA, it is a best practice to ensure that your personal contributions will not interfere with contributions to your HSA that your employer will provide. This is especially important to keep in mind if your employer provides per-paycheck contributions to your HSA. If you contribute the maximum limit to your account before your employer has contributed all employer-sponsored funds you prevent yourself from taking full advantage of your employer-sponsored HSA contribution benefit. This is because once you reach your contribution limit any remaining funds that your employer had planned to contribute to your HSA will be forfeited in order to keep your account IRS compliant.


If you are unsure of the amount that your employer contributes to your HSA, you can contact your benefits administrator directly or call Tango Health at (866) 384-8549. See our article regarding contribution limits to determine yours:

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