Managing Expense Imports From Credit Card/Bank Statements To Your HSA

One of the greatest features available to Tango Health users is our online Health Spending Journal which makes record keeping for your HSA expenses extremely easy. Account holders have the ability to manually add expenses into the journal and indicate whether they were paid for out of pocket, even though they were eligible to be paid for using the HSA. This lets the system know that the expenses are eligible for reimbursement, which can also be done through Tango's online portal.

If having to manually add your expenses for reimbursement seems too time-consuming, consider using our "Expense Imports" feature and have your monthly credit card statements automatically uploaded into the journal. You have the option to conveniently select expenses from certain merchants to have them automatically imported into your journal or automatically discard other merchant's expenses. You also have the option to hold each individual expense for personal review where you can then choose whether to save the expense to your journal or discard it if it's not related to your health spending expenses.

We do not want account holders to have to pay for this service, which is why we will only parter with banks or credit card companies who will offer it as a free service. Our current selection of financial institutions are as follows:

  • American Express (Credit Card)
  • Bank of America (Banking)
  • Charles Schwab Bank (Banking)
  • Chase (Credit Card) -NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED
  • Citibank (Credit Card)
  • Discover Card (Credit Card) -NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED
  • USAA (Credit Card)

If your credit card institution or bank is not on this current list, please feel free to reach out to our support team at to request that yours be added. Our support team will also be available to answer any questions you may have about setting this up in your own Tango Health online account.

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