Confirming your Annual Contribution Limit

The first time that you log in to Tango Health you will have alerts to “Confirm Annual Limit.” You will need to review and confirm your annual contribution limit to avoid penalties from excess contributions. We will automatically put a contribution limit in for you according to information we receive.  You should confirm this limit to make sure Tango Health has the right information.  

You will be given a screen that shows the current limit for you according to the information we have.  You can save this limit by clicking the yellow button with the green check mark that says, "Confirm" or you can click "Proceed to Questions" and we will ask you a number of questions to ascertain your correct annual contribution limit.

Once you have confirmed your contribution limit the notification will be removed from your home page.

You may need to change your contribution limit in the future.   For example, this happens sometimes when people marry. Click here for guidance on updating your limit.

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