Setting Payroll Deductions

Many people contribute to their HSA through payroll deductions.  If your employer allows, you will be able to make payroll deductions on Tango Health's website after completing registration.

To set your payroll deduction, login to Tango by following this link:

Once you are logged in and viewing your home page:

-Click the yellow button in the middle of the page that says "Update Payroll Deduction". This brings you to a Payroll page with some information about your contributions so far.

-Click the yellow button that says "Change Payroll Deduction." Once you click this you will see the payroll deduction calculator.

-You can choose to set an amount per paycheck or set an annual goal.

If you click on the annual goal, you will have the option to set a goal for the year or use the yearly limit. Selecting one of these options will prompt the system to adjust your deductions to meet the selected amount.

Please note that if your employer is contributing anything, this will be taken into account when calculating the annual amount.

You will get an email confirmation once your payroll deduction has been approved. The change will take effect on the pay cycle that includes the approval date.

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