How Secure is Tango Health?

Tango Health takes security of data and personal information very seriously. First, our application is SSAE 16 certified, which is the international regulation for how security audits are conducted. Secondly, all connections between a user’s device and Tango are handled through HTTPS secure connections, meaning data passing between the two parties are encrypted. Thirdly, all sensitive data is stored in an encrypted database on encrypted file systems. Lastly, all of the personnel who handle customer data have thorough background checks and are HIPAA certified on an annual basis.

What happens if my customer information is compromised?
Here is our Procedure:

  1. Access the nature and scope of the incident and identify what customer information has been accessed;
  2. Notify appropriate law enforcement authorities;
  3. Contain and control the incident to prevent further unauthorized access to or misuse of customer information;
  4. Notify affected customers as soon as possible if misuse of customer information has occurred or is reasonably possible
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