How do I change/update my Contribution Limit or Insurance Type?

Certain life events can affect your health insurance as well as your health savings account. Marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child are examples of life events that might affect your health insurance coverage. If your health insurance coverage changes it might be necessary to update your HSA eligibility between the family and self-only classifications, and to update your HSA contribution limit.

To make these changes to your HSA:

  • Log into your Tango Health account and go to the “HSA” tab.
  • Under that tab click on the “Details” page.
  • Here you’ll see some information about your HSA.
  • The second blue box is where you’ll go to update your contribution information.
  • Click on the “Calculate” button, and then choose "Proceed to Questions" to continue through a few questions that will help you to determine and change your annual contribution limit and your family or self-only classification. 
  • On the last screen click the “Confirm” button, and you’re done!

Keep in mind that these changes are separate from your health insurance plan/coverage which should be updated separately by contacting your HR or benefits manager.

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